At RIT, I teach in both the English Department and the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Program. I shape my courses around the relationship between the digital and the physical: teaching critical readings on the very human presences and prejudices that inform search algorithms; teaching Margaret Cavendish’s Blazing World through a digital commonplace book assignment; teaching workshops on paleography that then transition into digital transcription assignments.

My goal as an instructor is to help students understand and think beyond cultural and disciplinary boundaries through student-centered, project-based teaching. Below you’ll find examples of syllabi from my most recent courses at RIT and the University of Kansas. Please feel free to reach out directly for any course materials that might be useful.

DHSS 101: Computation and Culture
Rochester Institute of Technology | Fall 2019

ENGL 590: Digital Feminist Archives
University of Kansas | Fall 2018

ENGL 301: Digital Approaches to Early Women Writers
University of Kansas | Spring 2018